A Brief Analysis On “OK To Board” For Indians

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March 20, 2018
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March 20, 2018

Being an Indian, when you are traveling to UAE (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai), you need something more alongside the visa. An approval is given to the Indian nationals from the airline which is referred as “OK To Board”. If you do not have the approval, then you will be denied to board the flight. Here you will get proper information pertinent to the approval “OK To Board” and hope all your misconception and will get wiped off. After you apply for UAE visa and receive the same, you need to send a copy of your visa to your chosen airline company. After the airline company is done with the visa verification process, they will approve the flight ticket and will mark the PNR status as “OK To Board”. Thus, it is highly recommended that when you travel to UAE, make sure to check the “OK To Board” status with your airline 2 days prior to your journey. If you are thinking as for how to get the “OK To Board” status, all you need to do is to get in touch with a premium visa consultant, furnish all documents for a visa application to UAE, once the visa is done, rest is taken care off by the visa service provider. This “OK To Board” status is required by all airlines flying to UAE. Premium airline companies like Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Saudi Airlines, Emirates and Fly Dubai gives “OK To Board” approval for free to the passengers. Some Indian carriers like Air India, Indigo and SpiceJet charge a nominal amount for the approval. For your information, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain also require “OK To Board” approval from the airlines.

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